Cha Cha Cha Changes….

Recently I’ve been honored to assist some friends in selling vacant land. Some were long held properties that needed to be let go when early dreams were no longer part of the long game vision. Others were opportunities to exchange an unrealized idea into an ideal growth situation for future development. Still others were born from the simple necessity for funding life’s unexpected changes. The natural state of the land itself inspires hope, from the sprouting leaves and budding flowers to the aspirations of new owners looking forward to beginning plans for their own future. The realization that I’m blessed to witness, and hopefully contribute to, these important transitions is not lost on me. I’m extremely grateful for the trust and confidence bestowed upon me and I pray that I live up to the gift.  Each time someone engages my services their life is changing; it is for happy or sad reasons, it is stressful, hopeful, sometimes woeful, but always because something is changing. People deal with change in many different ways, and it is always interesting and informative going through the process with others as they make their way through to the other side. My hope is that we navigate well and chart a true course to their desired destination, reaching a positive place to rest and continue their life’s journey.

What is that quote?…change is life’s only constant…something like that anyway.

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